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Volcanic Stone Therapy


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Prices: 60 minutes $100 | 90 minutes $140

Volcanic Stone | Lymphatic| Reflexology for hands and feet ($25/15 minutes)

This ancient healing treatment of warm volcanic stones helps balance and ground your senses. The stones are used as an extension of the therapist’s hands to achieve complete healing and relaxation.

A multitude of ancient cultures have applied the healing power of these stones for medicinal and spiritual purposes. The volcanic stones are to be warmed smoothly with exquisite oils and then are placed on the key points on the body. This way the heat penetrates to relax muscular tension, that will soothen the body and the soul.

This stone therapy has been based on the oriental disciplines, according to which there are seven chakras located along the central channel of the body: centers of the vital energy that are related to several organs. From these chakra points, the energy is distributed to the whole organism through the numerous energy channels that cross the body and that are connected to those organs.

The concentration on the chakras helps, therefore, to regulate the energy flow through the body (too much energy in circle or too little can create disorders). Thence, with this aim, during the therapy, the volcanic stones are disposed on the chakras and, next, become the energetic opening and closing and the connection, also energetics, of the superior and inferior members.

These black volcanic stones have a range of various sizes as illustrated above. They should adapt to the different areas of the body. They have been subjected to a process that has left them perfectly polished and has confered them the opportune physiognomy: the round ones are suitable for the hands and the arms; those lengthened, for the area of the neck; and the finest, for the back and the scapulas.

The deepest and durable benefit is obtained thanks to the colour of the dark stones of volcanic origin. These are then heated and pressed onto the skin in the aching areas. Whosoever undergoes this massage will notice a sensation of a “pleasant pain.” The heat, slowly released by the stones, relaxes the muscles.

The fundamental element of geothermal therapy is it the application of hot and also cold stones, acting in two levels:

  • In an static way, performing therapeutic pressures in concrete points
  • In a dynamic way carrying out very defined massage maneuvers
  • The hot stones (50ºC) increase the blood circulation and the cellular metabolism, while the cold ones (8ºC) originate vasoconstricción and histamina liberation that acts against the pain and the inflammatory processes.”

In order to facilitate the physic, psychic and emotional balance, the booths are conditioned, for the application of the complementary techniques to the geothermal therapy:

  • – The aromatherapy that stimulates and balances the cortical and cerebral areas, ,through the smell
  • The cromotherapy, with the energy vibrations given to the organism by each color.
  • The appropriate musicotherapy for each treatment helping to get the harmonic relaxation, acting on those cerebral areas influenced by auditory stimulus.

Important to know is that after the massage the person ought to drink some water to restore the liquids and the mineral salts which were lost with the perspiration during the therapy. The massage usually ought to lasts only about one hour. The person treated may also remain laid down on the bed or stretcher for half hour more in order to complete the relaxation.

This geothermal therapy also has connections with acupuncture. It also shares with the Reiki the employment of the chakras as a way to reestablish the energy balance. Massages using stones are one of the last tendencies in the relax and the beauty world. The use of volcanic stones is one of the most suitable remedies to help to relax and to sleep deeply. It is extraordinarily timely that in this age of high technology and urban living, volcanic stone massage has become one of the most popular treatments in spas and private massage practices today.

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